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Those who have lost loved ones during this COVID-19 pandemic may be asking themselves, “Is probate possible during this global pandemic?” Well, it likely depends on your jurisdiction. For now, Arizona Probate Courts continue to process probate applications and are still open.

Here at Probate Law Group, we are still working to assist our clients in the probate process. Fortunately, informal probate largely involves the proper drafting and filing of the correct documentation, often accomplished by mail, which means “social distancing” isn’t a problem.

The main challenges people may face are as follows: 1) Dealing with banks that have been bombarded with applications for loans from Stimulus Legislation resulting from the Corona Virus 2) Gathering information regarding assets because some businesses otherwise accessible have either shut down or are running from home and 3) the common emotional issues and concerns everyone experiences during a global pandemic.

Your Probate Attorney

Despite the fact these challenges are out there, having a probate attorney by your side to give you guidance and direction can alleviate a lot of the stress involved with probate. This can be a huge relief when considering the goings on in the world. In addition, it can be helpful in the mourning process not having to worry about one more thing.

After-Death Checklist

If nothing else, we invite you to print out our After-Death Checklist. This provides a comprehensive list of what to do after someone dies. You may use it as a guide to help you along as you navigate the probate waters. Just keep in mind, you don’t have to navigate those waters alone.

If you are the personal representative of an estate needing a probate, Probate Law Group can assist you. Please call us at 480.535.8000 and schedule an appointment. Our trained professionals can lead you through the probate process and help you achieve a little more peace of mind.

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